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The buffalo/phonelab-wifi dataset (v. 2016-03-09)

Wifi scan results and connection status collected using the PhoneLab smartphone testbed.

Contributed by Jinghao Shi, Chunming Qiao, Dimitrios Koutsonikolas, Geoffrey Challen.

Smartphones perform Wifi scans to adapt to the changing wireless environments causes by mobility. From network monitoring perspective, such scans provide a natural stream of network measurements from client's point of view. In order to see whether such measurements can provide new insights in monitoring large scale wireless networks, we collected the Wifi scan results data, together with other Wifi related logs, from the PhoneLab smartphone testbed over 5 months. All data are collected passively from the smartphones.

 details of the buffalo/phonelab-wifi dataset (v. 2016-03-09)

This dataset contains the following traceset:

  1. wifi
    Wifi scan result and other Wifi related events.

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