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The coppe-ufrj/RioBuses dataset (v. 2018-03-19)  >  the RioBuses traceset

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Dataset of mobility traces of buses in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


Real-time position data reported by buses, updated every minute, from the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The file is CSV, containing the date, time(24h format), bus ID, bus line, latitude, longitude and speed of more than 12,000 buses.

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Real-time position data reported by the buses, updated every minute, plus other transport data, like stops location and bus routes, are made available by the city of Rio de Janeiro through the open data portal of the city (http:\/\/\/en\/dataset?groups=transporte-e-mobilidade).

We collected the data from the url: http:\/\/\/apiTransporte\/apresentacao\/rest\/index.cfm\/obterTodasPosicoes .The data was collected every minute, then, all the location data was merged into a file at the end of each day.

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