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The dartmouth/campus dataset (v. 2009-09-09)  >  the movement traceset

There are 3 traces in this traceset
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reason for most recent change
An updated movement history trace (up to 2004-06-30) is added.
short description

Two-year records showing the location (AP association) of each wireless card seen on campus.


Over three years of nearly continuous records showing the location (access-point association) of each wireless card seen on campus. We used this data for our study of location predictors, published in [INFOCOM'04 paper] and a subsequent, expanded [technical report]. This data is derived from the syslog data.
The trace used for this paper is gzipped tar file [51MB]. An updated movement history dataset (up to 2004-06-30) is gzipped tar file [166MB].

release date

We extracted user traces from dartmouth/campus/syslog. Each user's trace is a series of locations, that is, access-point names. We introduced the special location 'OFF' to represent the user's departure from the network (which occurs when the user turns off their computer or their wireless card, or moves out of range of all access points). The traces varied widely in length (the number of locations in the sequence). Users with longer traces were either more active (using their card more), more mobile (thus changing access points more often), or used the network for a longer period (some users have been on the network since April 2001, and some others have only recently arrived on campus).


same as dartmouth/campus/syslog

disruptions to data collection
same as dartmouth/campus/syslog

same as dartmouth/campus/syslog

 the dartmouth/campus/movement/infocom04 trace
 the dartmouth/campus/movement/01_04 trace
 the dartmouth/campus/movement/aplocations trace
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