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The mannheim/compass dataset (v. 2008-04-11)  >  the fingerprint traceset

There are 2 traces in this traceset
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short description

A traceset of signal strength collected from 802.11 APs for the COMPASS positioning system


A traceset of signal strength collected from 802.11 APs for the location estimation used by the COMPASS positioning system.

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1. Local Test Environment

We deployed our 802.11-based positioning system on the second floor of our office building on the campus of the University of Mannheim. The operation area is nearly 57 meters in width and 32 meters in length; approximately 221 square meters are covered. The floor plan of the operation area is shown in [Figure: floor plan for mannheim/compass/fingerprint].

  1. Hardware and Software Setup

Initially, the test environment was covered by twelve access points. Seven of them are administered by the computer center of our university. The other five are installed in nearby buildings and offices. We additionally installed thirteen access points. Our data show that most of the access points cover only parts of the operation area. In fact, only two access points cover the operation area completely. One of these access points is the one marked in the middle of the storage room in the horizontal hallway in the right part of the building. This access point is located in a suspended ceiling on top of this room. The position of the second access point is in an office one floor below our operation area. The positions of the access points that are located on the same floor and inside the same building parts as our operation area are marked by orange circles in [Figure: floor plan for mannheim/compass/fingerprint].

As a client, we used a Lucent Orinoco Silver PCMCIA network card supporting 802.11b. This card was plugged into an IBM Thinkpad R51 running Linux kernel 2.6.13 and Wireless Tools 28pre. To collect signal strength samples, we implemented our own set of tools called "Loc{lib,trace,eva,ana}".

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