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The tools/analyze/link/PBProbe toolset (v. 2012-10-24)

PBProbe - a link capacity estimation tool for network links.

Contributed by Ling-Jyh Chen, Wei-Xian Lee.

PBProbe is a link capacity estimation tool that supports a wide range of links, including high speed links, asymmetric links, and wireless links. The tool is based on the CapProbe algorithm excepts that it uses a “packet bulk” to adapt the number of packets in each probing according to different network characteristics. As a result, it preserves the simplicity, speed, and accuracy of CapProbe, and compensates for the poor system timer granularity problem that may cause problems on high speed links. Compared to other capacity estimation techniques, PBProbe is ideal for real deployments that require online and timely capacity estimation, and it can facilitate various applications, such as peer-to-peer streaming and file sharing, overlay network structuring, pricing and QoS enhancements, as well as network monitoring.

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