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The tools/analyze/pcap/wifidelity toolset (v. 2008-10-05)

Wifidelity toolkit - Trace statistics and timing.

Contributed by Aaron Schulman, Dave Levin, Neil Spring.

The Wifidelity package consists of two tools to identify the completeness and accuracy of 802.11 packet traces. "tracestats" uses 802.11 sequence numbers to quantify completeness, and the "plotscore" script generates a T-Fi plot: an at-a-glance, heatmap visualization of completeness versus load. "tracetiming" uses AP Beacon intervals to quantify packet timestamp accuracy and "plottiming" produces a line plot of timestamp accuracy.

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All versions of this toolset, oldest to newest: v. 2008-04-30v. 2008-10-05.

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