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The uiuc/uim dataset (v. 2012-01-24)  >  the bluetooth traceset

There is 1 trace in this traceset
download the uim_exp1_release.tar.gz file
from a CRAWDAD mirror:  US UK AU
size="5.4MB" type="gz" md5="b193038ce818c05fd4e9aa03fcd3e636"
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reason for most recent change
the initial version.
short description

Traceset of Bluetooth traces collected from Android phone users at University of Illinois.


This is a traceset of Bluetooth traces of ad hoc contacts collected by the UIM framework using Google Android phones.

release date
date/time of measurement start
date/time of measurement end

The Bluetooth scanner on the phone periodically scans the Bluetooth-enabled devices in the phone's proximity. The scanned results include the MAC addresses of the Bluetooth-enabled devices and the corresponding scanning time stamps. The scanning interval is set to 60 seconds to conserve the phone battery. The collected movement trace is stored at the local disk of the phone.

 Detected MACs are hashed with SHA-1. 

The Bluetooth traces may be collected with different frequencies by different users, due to our tuning of frequency for energy-consumption reasons.

disruptions to data collection
The collected traces may have corrupted and broken info since the phones may not work reliably at all the times. Some of interruptions may be caused by the user restarting the phone.
The timestamps, both in filenames and inside the files, frequently don't match the actual time when the record was made.
 the uiuc/uim/bluetooth/2010 trace
 how to cite this traceset