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The uportorwthaachen/vanetjamming2014 dataset (v. 2014-05-12)  >  the movement traceset

There are 2 traces in this traceset
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Traceset collected in an open field rural area located in the periphery of Aachen in Germany. The area has two perpedicular roads, a main road that has a length of 600 m and a 120 m long side road. We used different RF jamming profiles and different distances between nodes for the measurements.

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We place the jammer at the end of the side street and the transmitter at the crossroad. The receiver moves along the main road, which results in varying SINR values. The transmitter sends packets to the receiver at a rate of 100 packets per second. This procedure is repeated for reactive jamming (12 microseconds, 500 microseconds) and reactive jamming (40 microseconds, 500 microseconds) profiles.

 the uportorwthaachen/vanetjamming2014/movement/reactive_12_500 trace
 the uportorwthaachen/vanetjamming2014/movement/reactive_40_500 trace
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