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The ncsu/mobilitymodels dataset

Human mobility data collected from five different sites.

Contributed by Injong Rhee, Minsu Shin, Seongik Hong, Kyunghan Lee, Seongjoon Kim, Song Chong.

We collected human mobilicty traces from five different sites - two university campuses (NCSU and KAIST), New York City, Disney World (Orlando), and North Carolina state fair.

 details of the ncsu/mobilitymodels dataset:

 details of the 5 traces in the ncsu/mobilitymodels/GPS traceset:

 quick access to download the 2 traces:

 the ncsu/mobilitymodels/GPS/NCSU trace:

 the ncsu/mobilitymodels/GPS/KAIST trace:

 the ncsu/mobilitymodels/GPS/NYC trace:

 the ncsu/mobilitymodels/GPS/Disney_World trace:

 the ncsu/mobilitymodels/GPS/NC_State_Fair trace:

 6 contributors:

 2 related publications:

 how to cite this dataset: