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The OWL-InIT/interference dataset (v. 2018-09-25)  >  the emissions-single-label traceset

There is 1 trace in this traceset
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Measurements of IEEE 802.11b\/g, IEEE 802.15.4 and Bluetooth emissions


In order to minimize channel influences, we have connected transmitter and receiver with a coaxial cable. At the same time, only one wireless technology is active. Later, a frequency offset was added to reflect different channels of the wireless technologies. Additionally, white noise was added to the data during post processing.

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The measurements are recorded with a real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA) with a sampling rate of 50 MHz and receive filter bandwidth of 40 MHz. Then, they were resampled to a sampling rate of 10 MHz. The transmission power of the vector signal generator (VSG) has been set to -30dBm. The final resulting start and stop frequencies are 2421.5 MHz and 2431.5 MHz (center frequency of 2426.5 MHz). RSA and VSG used a synchronized oscillator.

 the OWL-InIT/interference/emissions-single-label/M1 trace
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