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The columbia/kinetic dataset (v. 2014-05-13)  >  the kinetic-energy traceset

There are 5 traces in this traceset
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200 hours of acceleration information in 25 days from 5 participants

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Measurements were collected from five participants of different ages, physiques and means of transportation to the same laboratory work location. The participants included two undergraduate students who commuted by foot as well as an undergraduate student, graduate student, and software developer who commuted by train. As mentioned earlier, the five participants were asked to carry the sensing units in a comfortable manner over a period of 25 days. The dominant motion frequency of all collected traces ran in the range of 1.92-2.8 Hz, which corresponded to human walking. Using collected data, we were able to calculate the average power a harvester could generate over a trace's length as well as over a 24-hour period.

 the columbia/kinetic/kinetic-energy/M1 trace
 the columbia/kinetic/kinetic-energy/M2 trace
 the columbia/kinetic/kinetic-energy/M3 trace
 the columbia/kinetic/kinetic-energy/M4 trace
 the columbia/kinetic/kinetic-energy/M5 trace
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