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The dartmouth/bluetooth-hci dataset (v. 2021-03-29)

Link to published dataset: DOI: 10.15783/tjt0-b278 Dartmouth Bluetooth HCI

Contributed by Travis Peters.

This dataset consists of a collection of Bluetooth HCI traces captured on a smartphone while a smartphone and smart device communicated.`00_raw` contains the raw HCI traces (btsnoop files pulled from an Android smartphone) - each subfolder contains the traces captured during communication between a specific device and its companion smartphone app. `01_processed` contains CSV-formatted files, which are parsed versions of the raw Bluetooth traces. The first row of each file contains the column labels.

 details of the dartmouth/bluetooth-hci dataset (v. 2021-03-29)

This dataset contains the following traceset:

  1. bluetooth-hci-traceset

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