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The dartmouth/campus dataset (v. 2009-09-09)

Syslog, SNMP, and tcpdump data for 5 years or more from wireless network at Dartmouth College.

Contributed by David Kotz, Tristan Henderson, Ilya Abyzov, Jihwang Yeo.

This dataset includes syslog, SNMP, and tcpdump data for 5 years or more, for over 450 access points and several thousand users at Dartmouth College.

All versions of this dataset, oldest to newest: v. 2004-08-05v. 2004-11-09v. 2004-12-18v. 2005-03-08v. 2007-02-08v. 2009-09-09.

 details of the dartmouth/campus dataset (v. 2009-09-09)

This dataset contains the following 4 tracesets:

  1. syslog
    Timestamped, sanitized syslog records from Dartmouth wireless network.

     quick access to download the traceset
  2. snmp
    Records of SNMP polling at Dartmouth College.

     quick access to download the traceset
  3. tcpdump
    Packet headers from every wireless packet sniffed in 27 buildings on Dartmouth College campus.

     quick access to download the traceset
  4. movement
    Two-year records showing the location (AP association) of each wireless card seen on campus.

     quick access to download the traceset
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