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The eurecom/elasticmon5G2019 dataset (v. 2019-08-29)  >  the 01-RawDatasets traceset

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Raw 4G and 5G monitoring data


URL: 01-RawDatasets: Medium Access Control (MAC), Radio Resource Control (RRC), Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP) data provided by the FlexRAN controller and recorded for 1 UE in a JSON format. Each JSON measurement contains more than 100 metrics. A detailed description of measurement metrics available by the FlexRAN controller is available here: http:/ In brief, each of the five comma-separated files in the first traceset contains: -1- moving-away.csv: the UE moves away from the eNB to a maximum distance of 10 meters. -2- movingcloserfarcloser.csv: the UE moves back and forth relative to the eNB, from a 0 distance up to approximately 10 meters. -3- stableshortdistance.csv: the UE stands still in a short distance (approx., 0-1m) away from the eNB. -4- stablemiddistance.csv: the UE stands still in a mid-distance (approx., 1-5m) away from the eNB. -5- stablelongdistance.csv: the UE stands still in a long-distance (approx., 5-10m) away from the eNB.

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Raw datasets are recorded for one eNB and a single mobile User Equipment (UE) in five different mobility scenarios by following different motions and distance patterns relative to the eNB. All raw data have been recorded without including Tx power amplification on the RF frontend (0 dBm transmit power), which implies an approximately 10m maximum range of coverage. Future versions of the datasets will refer to multiple UEs monitoring and an eNB with Tx power amplification.

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