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The eurecom/elasticmon5G2019 dataset (v. 2019-08-29)  >  the elasticmon5G2019 traceset

There is 1 trace in this traceset
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Processed monitoring data (derives from traceset 01-RawDatasets)


URL: ftp:/ A necessary pre-processing takes place to give a proper structure to raw recordings and to reduce the number of metrics per measurement from over > In brief, each of the five comma-separated files in the second (processed) traceset contains: -1- moving-away.csv: the UE moves away from the eNB to a maximum distance of 10 meters. -2- movingcloserfarcloser.csv: the UE moves back and forth relative to the eNB, from a 0 distance up to approximately 10 meters. -3- stableshortdistance.csv: the UE stands still in a short distance (approx., 0-1m) away from the eNB. -4- stablemiddistance.csv: the UE stands still in a mid-distance (approx., 1-5m) away from the eNB. -5- stablelongdistance.csv: the UE stands still in a long-distance (approx., 5-10m) away from the eNB.

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This traceset derives from the raw monitoring date traceset. A necessary pre-processing takes place to give a proper stru> Adding a timestamp: Exact dates in raw measurements do not give useful information. It is necessary to add timestamps inside the recorded > Cleaning out static values: Omitting specific metric fields that do not change over time. Such metrics maintain in a constant value across> Adjusting corrupt/inaccurate metric values

 the eurecom/elasticmon5G2019/PreprocessedDatasets trace
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