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The hasselt/glimps2015 dataset (v. 2017-05-11)

A pcap file containing 122,989 anonymized Probe Requests sent by mobile devices at the Glimps 2015 music festival in Ghent, Belgium.

Contributed by Pieter Robyns, Bram Bonné, Peter Quax, Wim Lamotte.

A collection of 122,989 Probe Request frames captured by 8 monitoring stations at the Glimps music festival in Ghent, Belgium (10 - 12 December 2015). To minimize overhead, each monitoring station individually stored only the transmitter MAC address and Information Elements per unique MAC. The dataset was used to show that the high entropy in Information Elements can be used to deanonymize devices that use MAC address randomization.

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 details of the hasselt/glimps2015 dataset (v. 2017-05-11)

This dataset contains the following traceset:

  1. information-elements
    Source MAC and Information Elements of observed devices wrapped in a dummy Probe Request.

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