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The iiitd/wifiactivescanning dataset (v. 2019-06-05)

Cause-Specific Episodes of Active Scanning

Contributed by Gursimran Singh, Harish Fulara, Dheryta Jaisinghani, Mukulika Maity, Tanmoy Chakraborty, Vinayak Naik.

The dataset includes packet captures collected from controlled experiments with various devices. The dataset captures active scanning behavior of the devices. Name of each folder represents the name of the cause of active scanning. For details please refer to our papers - Learning to Rescue WiFi Networks from Unnecessary Active Scans, WoWMoM 2019.

 details of the iiitd/wifiactivescanning dataset (v. 2019-06-05)

This dataset contains the following traceset:

  1. WiFi-ActiveScanning-Episodes
    Cause-Specific Episodes of Active Scanning

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