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The ncsu/mobilitymodels dataset (v. 2009-07-23)  >  the GPS traceset

There are 5 traces in this traceset
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short description

Daily GPS track log collected from five different sites.


We collected daily GPS track logs from five different sites - two university campuses (NCSU and KAIST), New York City, Disney World (Orlando), and North Carolina state fair.

release date
date/time of measurement start
date/time of measurement end

The GPS receivers take reading of their current positions at every 10 seconds and record them into a daily track log.

All participants in the five scenarios are different individuals.

The radius of each trace is a half of the maximum distance that a participant travels during a day.

Occasionally, track information has discontinuity mainly when bearers move indoor where GPS signals cannot be received. 
 the ncsu/mobilitymodels/GPS/NCSU trace
 the ncsu/mobilitymodels/GPS/KAIST trace
 the ncsu/mobilitymodels/GPS/NYC trace
 the ncsu/mobilitymodels/GPS/Disney_World trace
 the ncsu/mobilitymodels/GPS/NC_State_Fair trace
 how to cite this traceset