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The st_andrews/sassy dataset (v. 2011-06-03)  >  the mobile traceset

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Encounter records of a group of participants carrying sensor motes and their social network generated from Facebook data.


This is a dataset of sensor mote encounter records and corresponding social network data of a group of participants at University of St Andrews.

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We have set up a mobile sensor network comprising mobile IEEE 802.15.4 sensors (T-mote invent devices) carried by human users and Linux-based basestations that bridge the 802.15.4 sensors to the wired network.

We deployed 27 T-mote invent devices among 22 undergraduate students, 3 postgraduate students, and 2 members of staff of University of St Andrews. Participants were asked to carry the devices whenever possible over a period of 79 days.

We used the participants' Facebook friend lists to generate a social network topology. We refer to this as the self-reported social network (SRSN). We also generate a topology using the SERs to create the detected social network (DSN).


No record was made of mappings between device IDs and names of participants.

The upload times are assumed to be accurate - the error is maximum possible difference between the upload time and the start of the encounter. This is due to the clocks on the device not maintaining the previous clock time after a device reset or battery failure.
 the st_andrews/sassy/mobile/social trace
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