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The thlab/sigcomm2009 dataset (v. 2012-07-15)  >  the mobiclique traceset

There are 10 traces in this traceset
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Traces of Bluetooth encounters, opportunistic messaging, and social profiles of 76 users of MobiClique application at SIGCOMM 2009.


The traceset contains data collected by an opportunistic mobile social application, MobiClique. The application was used by 76 persons during SIGCOMM 2009 conference in Barcelona, Spain. The data sets include traces of Bluetooth device proximity, opportunistic message creation and dissemination, and the social profiles (friends and interests) of the participants.

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Each device performs a periodic Bluetooth device discovery every 120+/-10.24 seconds for a duration of 10.24s to find out about nearby devices. Upon discovering new contacts, the devices form a RFCOMM link on a preconfigured channel for data communications. Both the Bluetooth name query and service discovery are disabled.

Each device records the results of the periodic device discovery and all data communications (RFCOMM link setup and bytes send/received). In addition, the devices record details of the user's social profile and its evolution, and application level messaging. All traces are recorded constantly in text files on the device's SD memory card.

All traces are timestamped based on the device clock and reported as a relative time in seconds since the start of the experiment, 17/08/2009 08:00. The device clocks are set manually to the same reference time at the beginning of the experiment.


All sensitive identifiers including Facebook identifiers, social profile data and Bluetooth MAC addresses are replaced with random integer ids.


The social profiles, in particular the list of friends and interest groups, are not necessarily complete as the participants had a possibility to remove any details they wished before the data was uploaded on the device and recorded. This option was given for privacy reasons as the application shared all profile details with all nodes.

The Bluetooth proximity data and RFCOMM data communications suffer from the known limitations of the Bluetooth technology. The device discovery process is slow and regularly misses some nearby devices and RFCOMM links (setup and transmission) fail often when there are many Bluetooth devices in range.

The timestamps among different devices are not synchronized. The clocks are set manually to the same reference time at the beginning of the experiment, but there is significant clock drift visible in the final data. The traces can be synchronized based on mutual sightings and/or data transmission traces.

Due to constantly running periodic Bluetooth device discovery and frequent data communications, the battery life of the devices was limited to about one day or less depending on other usage. Hence, the devices are active and collecting data during varying periods of time depending on how faithfully (or not) the device owner was charging the device.

 the thlab/sigcomm2009/mobiclique/participants trace
 the thlab/sigcomm2009/mobiclique/interests1 trace
 the thlab/sigcomm2009/mobiclique/friends1 trace
 the thlab/sigcomm2009/mobiclique/interests2 trace
 the thlab/sigcomm2009/mobiclique/friends2 trace
 the thlab/sigcomm2009/mobiclique/activity trace
 the thlab/sigcomm2009/mobiclique/proximity trace
 the thlab/sigcomm2009/mobiclique/messages trace
 the thlab/sigcomm2009/mobiclique/transmission trace
 the thlab/sigcomm2009/mobiclique/reception trace
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