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The tuc/mysignals dataset (v. 2019-10-30)

Community RF Sensing via iPhones for Source Localization and Coverage Maps

Contributed by Emmanouil Alimpertis, Aggelos Bletsas.

MySignals dataset was collected by a network of approx. 10 mobile smartphone (iPhones) users via the MySignals iPhone App ( for a period of approximately 8 months. MySignal App records the received signal strength indicator (RSSI), in dBm, of the mobile serving cell, as well as their own location, through the GPS module of their smartphone and other contextual information (timestamp, deviceID etc.). Measurements and relevant information (e.g. c ell ID, downlink carrier frequency and mobile user location) are saved temporarily in a local sqlite DB and uploaded periodically at a central web server DB for permanent storage. The systems allowed crowdsourcing in an automated and user transparent-way. The systems allowed crowdsourcing in an automated and user transparent-way and no personal identifiers were collected. The published data contains approximately 3 million GSM measurements and they are a subset of the entire MySignals dataset, utilized primarily for RF Source (e.g. GSM Base Station) localization case study and localization algorithm developme nt. The reported measurements were collected in Chania, Greece for one central Base Stations (BS) for a major Greek Cellular provider. The massive dataset along with the novel Particle Filtering localization algorithm, allowed RF source location estimation error on the order of 50m, with the phones-sensors located in a grid of approx. 1000m x 1000m. Although the reported data were primarily used for BS localization, they were also used as mobile coverage maps; for example, cove rage holes were able to be discovered. At a glance, each of the recorded measurements contains the following fields: timestamp, iPhoneUUID, RSS1, RSS5, latitude, longitude, accuracy, cellID, lac, mac, arfcn, etc. DOI: 10.15783/c7-3bk9-9t96 Start date: 2012-09-01, end date: 2013-04-15

 details of the tuc/mysignals dataset (v. 2019-10-30)

This dataset contains the following traceset:

  1. mysignals-dataset
    My Signals dataset was collected by a network of approximately 10 mobile smartphone (iPhones) users via the MySignals iPhone App (

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