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The ues/emespy dataset (v. 2019-08-06)

Measurements for PhD: Surface density of radiation energy as an integral measure for the characterization of exposure to electromagnetic emissions

Contributed by Darko S. Suka, Predrag V. Pejovic, Mirjana I. Simic-Pejovic.

The measurement results provided here are part of work on PhD thesis connected with measurement results variability reduction (main focus was on GSM/UMTS system. but other technologies were measured at the same time). All measurements were of indoor type. The duration of collecting data samples was 24h per day, with 10 seconds sampling interval. At some places it took one, two or four weeks to complete the measurements. Equipment used is the dosimeter (or exposimeter) EME Spy 140 (manufactured by Satimo). Similar to the procedure described in (Vermeeren, 2013; Markakis et al., 2013), the exposimeter was placed at available position in the investigated rooms and were standing alone. It was, thus, not worn by adults. Also, no influence due to shielding occured, like when exposimeters are carried on the body (where underestimations up to 6.5 dB are possible according to Iskra et al. (2010)). During measurement period, all location were secured, and only authorized technical personnel that performed measurements had access to such places in order to provide measurement conditions of unperturbed field, according to EN 50492:2010 and EN 50413:2010. All measurements were made within the range of temperature and humidity stated by the manufacturer of the meter ( Finally, during our measurement campaign, the networks were not forced to operate in a specific mode in order to observe traffic variations in real conditions. All results of measurements are in unit V/m (for electric field). In addition to the dataset,here is a link to the published research article based on the dataset analysis DOI: 10.15783/c7-ry9z-m812 EME Sp y 140 Measurements of RF Signals - one week measurements

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