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The ufrj/london-trajectories dataset (2021-03-22)  >  the trajectoriesgps traceset

There is 1 trace in this traceset
collection method
The traces a GPS routes calculated by the HERE Maps API. These routes were provided with length and duration already. We estimated a visible area taking into account the route segments and a margin of 100 m for the left and right side for some of the features calculations. The nature feature was calculated intersecting the natural area polygons given by OpenStreetMap and the visible area. The attractions feature was calculated as the number of tourist attractions given by OpenStreetMap inside the route's visible area. The criminality was calculated as the sum of the severity of the crimes, provided by the UK police crime dataset, found inside the visible area. The severity of the crimes were weighted by the UK Office for National Statistics Crime Severity Score. The normalization of the features was done relatively to the maximum feature variation found in each route set (routes with the same origin and destination). The accidents feature was calculated as the sum of accidents severity and accidents casualties that happened in the route. The accidents data was provided by the UK Government Open Data Website. The traffic feature was calculated as the ratio between the no-traffic route duration and the route duration considering traffic. Both values are given by the HERE Maps API.
data sanitization method
The data didn't require any sanitization.
600 route sets of different origin/destination pairs from London.
data collection end date
incorrectly measured data
There is no incorrectly measured data.
methodology limitations
The routes origins and destinations were randomized within the city of London, the data does not represent the city as a whole.
missing data
There is no missing data.
data collection start date
technical description
This dataset contains 600 route sets of different origin/destination pairs from London, each with information about trip duration, route length, traffic, criminality, accidents, nature and tourist attractions nearby.
 the trace
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