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The umass/diesel dataset (v. 2008-09-14)  >  the throwbox traceset

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Bus-to-bus, bus-to-throwbox transfer record collected from DieselNet during 2006 summer.


This traceset was collected during the throwbox deployment in Umass DieselNet in Summer 2006. The traces contain bus-bus transfer records and bus-throwbox transfer records.

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One solution for improving DTN performance is to place additional stationary nodes in the network, which increases the number and frequency of contact opportunities. We proposed the use of throwboxes within a DTN for this purpose. Throwboxes are inexpensive, battery-powered, stationary nodes with radios and storage. When two nodes pass by the same location at different times, the throwbox acts as a router, creating a new contact opportunity.

To support a real-world test of the throwbox, we used our DTN testbed, the UMassDieselNet. The testbed normally consists of 40 buses covering an area of more than 150 square miles. However, when the experiments were performed, during a reduced summer bus schedule, only 10 buses were running on three routes. Each bus is a highly mobile DTN node using a small computer with an attached access point and WiFi interface. Buses constantly scan for other nodes and transfer DTN data whenever a connection can be made.

We augmented the equipment on the buses with an XTend radio and added scripts to beacon the position, speed, and direction of motion of the buses once each second. We deployed three always-on throwbox prototypes in fixed locations for three weeks on the UMassDieselNet bus routes.

 the umass/diesel/throwbox/summer2006 trace
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