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The umass/diesel dataset (v. 2008-09-14)  >  the transfer traceset

There are 7 traces in this traceset
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short description

Data transfer logs between buses on UmassDieselNet, a disruption-tolerant network (DTN).


This set of DieselNet logs were compiled from busses running routes serviced by UmassTransit, which lists their bus routes on the web at Of UmassTransit's busses, 30-40 busses were equipped with DieselNet equipment and a certain portion of those operated daily as dictated by bus failures and maintenance.

reason for most recent change
The following traces have been added: transfer/spring2006, transfer/spring2007, and transfer/ap_connectivity
release date
date/time of measurement start
date/time of measurement end

To maintain and monitor our network, we use numerous external APs that offer free service along the bus routes hosted by third parties. We have installed only two APs - one on campus and one at the bus garage. Whenever the buses have web access, they retrieve software updates from a central server. At that time a bus provides its current GPS location and MAC address, and it uploads logs of its performance during the day, including the throughput of bus-to-bus transfer opportunities, APs contacted, a record of movement, and application records.

To enable bus-to-bus transfers, the buses beacon on a single channel once every 100ms. We programmed the bricks in each bus to transfer the largest amount of data possible using TCP at each transfer opportunity.

To allow us to easily test different routing algorithms in a real DTN environment, we set the UMassDieselNet buses to transmit random data to one another whenever they are within range and record the time, transmission size, and buses involved.

disruptions to data collection
We excluded holidays and other occasions causing buses to run infrequently.
 the umass/diesel/transfer/fall2007 trace
 the umass/diesel/transfer/ap_connectivity_fall2007 trace
 the umass/diesel/transfer/vifi trace
 the umass/diesel/transfer/ap_connectivity trace
 the umass/diesel/transfer/spring2006 trace
 the umass/diesel/transfer/spring2007 trace
 the umass/diesel/transfer/infocom2006 trace
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