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The epfl/mobility dataset (v. 2009-02-24)  >  the cab traceset

There is 1 trace in this traceset
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from a CRAWDAD mirror:  US UK
size="91MB" type="gz" md5="8891f0bc3b2128ee903e9f9cb3018ce1"
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Traceset of mobility data of taxi cabs in San Francisco, USA.


This traceset contains mobility traces of taxi cabs in San Francisco, USA. It contains GPS coordinates of approximately 500 taxis collected over 30 days in the San Francisco Bay Area.

release date
date/time of measurement start
date/time of measurement end

The cab locations are not stored by Yellow Cab, but only used in real-time to aid dispatch. Our system talks to the Yellow Cab server and stores the data in a database, encoding the call number for privacy. Server-side processes computer the aggregate map at various time intervals (10 minute, 1 hour, 8 hours, etc.) and store these frames as Postscript and bitmap images. These are subsequently combined into movies for every day, week, etc. Images and movies can be queried by visitors to the site in the Time Lapse area. A sample of real-time data overlaid on the most recent map can be seen in the Cab Tracker client.

You can collect your own cab mobility traces following the instructions from .

 the epfl/mobility/cab/may_2008 trace
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